Azure Migrations – Common Post Migration Activities


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While doing Azure migration everyone is concerned for the success of the migration, It’s not just the movement of your server from one data center to another it’s an opportunity for the organization to improve the digital estate with minimal or no change in the environment.

Here is a quick list of common activities that will help you during you migration process and definitely this list will get appended with organization policies and needs

Given part of MigrationUpdate corresponding AD DNS Server settings in Azure on the VM Nic under DNS settings
Given part of MigrationAdd Linux Server IP address information into the DNS Zone on the AD server in AzureĀ 
Given part of MigrationWas .NET framework 4.8 or higher installed? If applicable
Given part of MigrationReboot the server
Given part of MigrationIs server ping-accessible?
Given part of MigrationAdd the following extensions for a Windows VM –> AzureNetworkWatcherExtension,
Given part of MigrationChange Temp Storage Drive letter to z: and move the paging file to drive z
Given part of MigrationInstall SQL server extension active? (Only applicable for SQL IaaS servers) –> SqlIaasExtension
Given part of MigrationIs SQL monitoring active in diagnostic settings? (Only for IaaS SQL servers)
Given part of MigrationAdd the following extensions for a Linux VM –> AzureNetworkWatcherExtension,
If ApplicableWas auto-shutdown configured? (If applicable)
If ApplicableRemove SCCM client (If applicable): CMD- C:\windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall
If ApplicableRemove VMWare Tools / NetBackup
If ApplicableAll the registry key needs to remove which belongs to WSUS. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\)
If ApplicableValue of NoAutoUpdate reg must be 1 to avoid auto-update and reboot. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU)
Next cycleRemoved unauthorized local admins? 
Given part of MigrationAll of the disks attached are “managed”?
Given part of MigrationIs “Just-In-Time” access policy applicable and is it active? (if applicable)
Given part of MigrationNetwork Security Group (NSG) was activated and rules are set without warnings? If public-facing VNET (If applicable)
At leisureOperating system license details
Next cycleHas Automated Patch Updates been configured
At leisureCMDB was updated?
As part of MigrationApplication owner acceptance of migration or implementation
As part of MigrationList here the services and/or applications that must be up and running always
Given part of MigrationWhat is the current usage (in %) for all disks attached?
Given part of MigrationWhat is the CPU and memory usage over the past month?
Given part of MigrationThere are no critical events on Event Viewer and/or Linux logs
After project MigrationWas the Tag information completed
After project MigrationAzure Migration Cleanup
Next cycleBackup the server that was migrated
Part of MigrationRemove Second NIC in Azure that isn’t Primary

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