Azure Migration Assessment Outcomes Expectations


Expectations on Each stream will be different in order to plan a proper migration. All the different departments and experts need to participate properly during the internal or partner lead exercise.

Approach and Expected output
Infrastructure AssessmentOutput Expected 
Azure Migrate/ISV ToolsPerformance of current Infrastructure
(OS, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, State)
Comparison of Sizing (As is Vs Right Sized)
Application Dependency / Migration Batches
Database AssessmentOutput Expected 
DMA Assessment for Microsoft SQL DBReport For 3 Targets :
1. SQL Server on Azure VM
2. Azure SQL Database 
3. Azure SQL MI 
DTU ( Details of Identifies Azure SQL Target servers
Other Database [Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB]Manual Assessment or tool based required and migration mechanism
1. DB on Azure VM
2. DB on Azure Paas Option
Web Application AssessmentOutput Expected 
App Service Migration Assistant for only Web Based applications using apps service migration assistanceMigration Readiness and Approach
App Modernization AssessmentOutput Expected 
Manual / App Owner Interviews In house/Vendor based
– High-level Potential for Modernization
Tool Based [Unifycloud or CAST] for .net, PHP, java, python application Complete application modernization readiness  report
Network AssessmentOutput Expected 
Manual/ Client Interviews Current Solution and Azure Mapping with Native 
– Current Connectivity posture
– Azure Network Architecture
– Azure Native options for Network Appliances 
Security Assessment Output Expected
Manual/ Client InterviewsCurrent On-Prem Solution and Azure Mapping with Native 
– Current Security posture with gaps as per industry standard and best practice
– Azure Native Options for Security Requirement
– Azure Native options for Security Appliances 
Backup AssessmentOutput  Expected 
Manual/ Client Interviews Current Backup pattern
Proposed Backup Solution on Cloud
Proposed Backup Rules
DevOpsOutput Expected 
Manual / Client Interviews Possibility of DevOps CI / CD using Azure or other tools 
RPAOutput Expected 
Manual / Client Interviews Based on the findings from Application Owners involve RPA team for the possibility of assessment
Migration Approach and Project Plan Output Expected 
Migration Plan  Based on all the findings:  
– Migration Approach & Project Plan covering timelines and Activities 
Total Cost of Ownership (Including all the above areas)

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