Different Subscription options on Azure for an Organization


Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) vs. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) vs Pay As You Go (PAYG)

FeaturesCloud Solution Provider (CSP)Enterprise Agreement (EA)Pay As You Go
CommitmentNo commitment and the option to cancel at any time3-Year Agreement, with a minimum commitment of 500 user licensesThe drawback of the pay-as-you-go option is that your organization is not taking advantage of the discounts offered through CSP or EA
InvoicingMonthlyAnnually upfront for the full year including being back-charged for users that were addedYou are paying directly to Microsoft from your credit card based on the services that you use in Azure
Increase User CountsAnytimeAnytimeAnytime
Decrease User CountsAnytimeOnce per year – 30 days notice. Need to maintain a minimum of 500 users.Anytime
Support24×7 support from Partner with priority access to escalated Microsoft Premier Support. Dedicated Partner consultants with all details of your account and environment.Basic support from Microsoft. Additional cost for Premier Support. No dedicated team knows your account and environment.Missing out on the more attentive support services that a Microsoft Partner can deliver under their CSP program
Detailed BillingYesNoYes, you are paying on a per-second basis from your credit card. The credit Card limit is the spending limit you have in Azure
Product AvailabilityAll cloud subscription licenses (Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure)All Microsoft ProductsAll Microsoft Azure Marketplace Products

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